Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sunlight Serendipity

This morning I was in my kitchen when I suddenly noticed little circles of light EVERYWHERE! All colors! Ceiling, floor, walls, living room... what was this?

I have little sun-catchers, glass bottles, and even a prism machine in the kitchen windows, which face three directions and really get the light. I tried moving each item to see what was causing the neat was none of the above!

The cause turned out to be this little lampshade from Yankee Candle that has little bits of mirrors in the shade. Now, I have had this all summer, but never once saw the delightful orbs of light it created until today! How magical!
This afternoon I thought I would get all caught up on customer quilts...and was doing great on this pretty stars quilt until I ran out of thread with only about nine inches to go from the bottom. Bummer! I just ordered a new cone from Superior, but between the king-size log cabin and this much smaller quilt, it is gone. Since we leave tomorrow for our mountain place, this one will have to wait until next week.

Beautiful fabrics and colors, yes?? This one is a wedding present for a couple moving to California. What a nice gift! The quilt top was made in a mystery class.


Vicki W said...

Impromptu light shows are cool!

Judy S. said...

Beautiful quilting, Jeanne. Do you have a longarm or was this done on a regular sewing machine?

Have a great vacation!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Love the floral quilting, and the candle lampshade that created all the colors for you! Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know about the water challenge at Innovations - I'll have to finish the quilt and see if I can get it entered.

Cathie said...

Jeanne - I got a chance to sea the sealife quilt in person at cyberbee the other night. Beautiful quilting job -- Sabrina had fun trying to find all the images you quilted in it!