Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mountain Weekend

Here are a few more pictures of what we did in the mountains last weekend in addition to attending the Doc Watson bluegrass festival in Todd. When Charlie and I drove up Thursday evening, we were greeted by this colorful sunset. The weather was turning cooler, and there were deer everywhere. We saw one buck with antlers, and many does and fawns.These little fawns were grazing under an apple tree on our road when we came back from breakfast at the cafe on Friday morning. Their mama was not in sight.
Our son and grand-kids came up on Friday night. Of course we took rides across the mountain on the Gator...

I recognized that jean jacket as one of big brother Avery's, and brought it home with me to "girly" it up a bit.
We enjoyed some more fishing in the new pond along our driveway.

All in all, a wonderful weekend!