Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Under the Sea

Here is yesterday's quilting project! My friend Carolyn brought me this very colorful top in blues and yellow-greens. It is for a baby boy in Hawaii. I quilted in lots of waves, seaweed, and some little hidden sea creature images. I often use the book 250 Continuous Line Quilt Designs by Laura Lee Fritz to quilt some little surprises. In fact, I need to go ahead and order the sequel to this book since I like it so much. They don't have to look perfect, but they add to the theme of the design.

The fabric Carolyn chose for the back is perfect for an ocean-themed quilt! It was so much fun to do this quick little project after finishing the king-sized log cabin customer quilt for Eileen.


Vicki W said...

Oh that quilting is perfect for a little boy. I love the whale.

Karen E. Overton said...

I love the freedom you have in doing whimsical designs, I can never seem to make it flow and look balanced.

Have to say I really love a ocean theme - you did an excellent job on making the quilt come to life.

Thank you also for your help and advice on entering the world of blogging!

Cathie said...

Jeanne - how cute is that! What a great job - and I saw a shark too! How perfect. I also checked out that book on Amazon - that's a GOTTA HAVE for me. Fantastic ideas and lots of "who woulda thought...." in that book.