Monday, August 4, 2008

Brought to you today by the Color Pink and the Number 10

Anyone else have Sesame Street episodes memorized from their childhood? It was not around when I was little, but my kids watched it a couple times a day.

Today I am using their opening line to provide information about the Pink Artist Drawing.

From August 1 to October 15, a donation of ten dollars to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research will win you two chances to win "Love Squared", the beautiful hand-made doll dressed in a skirt made of two-inch quilts by many talented artists. See Monica's blog for all the details. There are also some other beautiful prizes donated by artists. The donation must be made via Paypal or money order to Monica to be eligible for this drawing. I have sent mine in...won't you join in this fabulous project?

While on the subject of breast health, here is a link to a nicely-done breast health Website by friend and graphic/Web designer Dave Pitman of 485, inc. Some great information here!
And in the spirit of support for the Pink Artist Project, here is a sampling of Pink Things from Chez McBrayer. Mind you, I am a boy-mom, the outnumbered 3-to-1 female of the household until I started acquiring daughters-in-law and a granddaughter. I would not have thought there would be much pink to show off, except in my wardrobe. But look at what I found when I was going room-to-room with my camera!
A Churn Dash quilt with rosy pink cherries from a mystery workshop
a small, predominantly pink floral mini-log cabin wall hanging from a class at NC Quilt Symposium
some pink posies in a small rug
Lots of pink in this nine-patch wall hanging. All the nine-patch squares were made from small dec fabric samples
a Stangl Pottery stoneware platter

another rug with pink flowers

some pink tulips among the crewel-embroidery flowers I did back in the seventies

And moving to the sewing areas, how about a couple of pink ribbons?

Pink ephemera?

Threads, hand-dyed silk ribbon, and check out the specs!

ribbons and fibers, including sparkly Angelina

Pink hat pincushion and painted dryer sheets

Nine-Patch flower blocks won in a raffle a couple decades ago

Lily, whose favorite color is pink (picture taken a couple weeks ago)

Pink Tussah silk tops (used to make fiber shawl shown in my sidebar pic)

I hope you enjoyed this Pink edition of All Things Quilty. Remember, get checked!


Judy S. said...

Great pink photos, Jeanne, especially liked the one of your little gal. Those flamingos are cute!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I like that themed post. What is it with little girls and pink? I led a brownie troupe when mine were young and craft projects all had to be pink or there would be

Cathie said...

You've got waaaaaay too many goodies -- Jeanne. That beautiful ephemera, those fibers, silk, etc., etc., and that delicious little Lily! Did you see Art Doll Quarterly Magazine? I also picked up Artful Blogger as my friend Jude (spiritcloth) is in there. Did you see her?