Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ah, the power of blogging! I wrote about this topic once before, when I posted about being invited to speak at the Piedmont Quilt Guild after one of their officers read my blog. This time, apparently my blog posting about my mother was powerful enough to move several people to tears, and create a flurry of e-mail among my relatives. As I mentioned, I have a large family, but our e-mail exchanges have been pretty quiet since Christmas. Since Sunday, I have heard from most of my siblings, my father, my Uncle Jerry, two aunts and several cousins. Thanks to everyone who has responded to that post in my comments or e-mailed me.

This week is very busy, as I am still working full time and trying to get ready for a mountain trip this weekend. This Saturday will be the big party to celebrate my nephew Jason's wedding. Nothing like a good ole' Southern pig-picking! I've been working on a few surprise little wedding gifts, got a birthday present for my sister, and will have to decide what to cook as side dishes at the party. My son Dave will be riding up with us, and several of my siblings who have not been to our mountain place will also be joining us. Great fun!

Here is a cute little story from school. My third graders were reading a selection about growing a vegetable garden. There was a photo of an eggplant on one page. I asked if anyone could identify that plant, and one little girl raised her hand wildly. She blurted out: "Eggnog!"

Sorry about no "quilty" news again. I am trying to plan a quilt "show-and-tell" at school before the year is over. It sure will tie into our curriculum in math as far as measurement, patterns, and geometry! Our annual end-of-grade testing program is next week, and after that it will be fun to do something a little different. Maybe inspire some future quilters!

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