Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Older Quilts

Since I returned to teaching school in February, I have not had much time for quilting except for the online class I took with Pamela Allen. You might enjoy seeing some photographs of some of my older quilts that I made before purchasing my Gammill long-arm machine in 2003. These were all quilted on just a domestic sewing machine.

The first one shown above is a wedding quilt that I made for my brother Tim and his wife Beth. I used bright colors for the stars and sashings. The centers of the stars include novelty fabrics reflecting some of their interests. For example, Beth is a great cook, and I think I included some fabric with peppers. Tim used to do engineering work for NASA/ Jet Propulsion Labs, so the stars were an appropriate theme. The last star on the lower right has a picture of their combined family in the star.This is the back of the same quilt. I like to use up extra fabric with pieced backs, and add a little "back art" if possible.This little wall-hanging is from an Internet swap, back in the days when Al Gore first invented the Internet. Each block has a quotation in the plain center strip. Some are humorous, some inspirational. One of my favorites: "I wonder how deep the ocean would be if the sponges didn't live there?"And here is a look back to my nieces' graduation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Rachel had just earned her doctorate in Pharmacy, and Amy had finished pre-med. She is now a dentist. Too bad no one in my family enjoys hamming it up for the camera!

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Lynn Majidimehr said...

Oh, the star quilt is my favorite, I love the colors you used!