Thursday, May 1, 2008

Carolina Springtime

Sorry about not posting much recently. I have been out of town three weekends in a row, and we are leaving again tonight for a three-day weekend in the mountains. No, I am not playing hooky from the elementary school where I teach...tomorrow is a teacher workday, and we are allowed to take vacation days if no meetings are assigned.

I have obviously not done much sewing, with the wedding last weekend and all our traveling, but I have a new project that I am very excited about. I will write about that next week.

It has turned very green here, with lots and lots of rain to make up for a two-year drought. Everything is blooming and makes me LOVE living in the south at this time of year. Unfortunately, both of my native dogwood trees next to my azaleas were severely damaged by the drought, and only a few branches put out any blooms this year. I think some pruning will help.

Here are some pictures of my back yard, taken before school one morning recently.

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Cathie said...

Beautiful backyard Jeanne. You must LOVE sitting back there in the early mornings and evenings.