Sunday, May 4, 2008

What's in Bloom-Mountain version

Just back this afternoon from a three-day weekend in the mountains. It was beautiful and relaxing. Even did a little fishing this morning in the pond the guys built last summer.

Everything is in bloom up there, from dogwood to wild azalea to woodland violets. All the trees in the woods compete for sunshine, so it is not unusual to see one branch of a dogwood blooming up high.
And here are some fern fiddle heads readying themselves to open.
Lots of these yellow clusters of flowers were blooming by the creek.
Here is the Man Tree by the creek, looking like something from Tolkein...
And at it base, a clump of purple violets blooming in a little hole in the wood.

Here is a pretty spot along the creek.

When I first spotted these little white bell-shaped flowers, I thought they were Dutchman's breeches. But they are growing on a shrub. Not sure what they are called.

I took a hike with just my faithful dog Maggy to the top of the mountain. Here is a view from my sister's bench about halfway to the top.

The hummingbird feeder was quite popular after I moved it from a hemlock branch at the edge of our property to a hanging basket pole that I can watch from my kitchen window. There was never a time when there was not at least one little hummer having a sip.

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