Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Power of Blog

I received a wonderful surprise a few days ago from a quilter in Greensboro, NC, who enjoyed reading my blog. Apparently, she is in charge of programs for her quilt guild, and invited me to do a program and trunk show next year! I am so excited about this opportunity. Thanks to my sister Katy who referred her friend Barbara to my blog and Webshots sites.

Yesterday, I started work on the second of the quilt tops that my sister-in-law inherited from her late grandmother. As was the case with the basket quilt, there were probably very good reasons why the top was abandoned before quilting. This one has fabrics that appear to be cut from sheets, kitchen curtains, nightgowns and ??? The very colorful blocks are hand-pieced in a pattern with diamond stars, which are then machine-stitched to a light green (faded?) sashing material. I spent several hours trimming threads, pressing and turning seam allowances, and ironing. This quilt is not going to win any awards, but hopefully will be a cherished memory of a loved one. How much nicer it will be to have this quilt to snuggle with or display, rather than keep it in a plastic bag in the attic. Kudos to Debbie for getting these made into finished quilts. So, here we go to make a 40-year old UFO (Un-Finished Object) into something to be loved. I will try to make it as pretty as I can.
Wish me luck!


Vicki W said...

Just found your blog - very nice! I grew up just north of your area - near Martinsville. I'm in Richmond now.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Thanks, Vicki! I clicked on your name and found your blog page. You are like me, interested in so many aspects of quilting and textiles!

My son got married in Richmond last March, so I am very fond of that city.