Friday, March 30, 2007

Dogwoods in bloom

After a few record-breaking warm spring days with highs in the upper eighties, yesterday turned cold and dreary. But look what happened! The dogwoods in my yard popped into bloom overnight. There is nothing prettier than North Carolina in the spring when the dogwoods and azaleas are flowering. The dogwoods are a little early this year- I remember them being in bloom when my first baby was born on April 14. Wow, that baby will be thirty in a couple of weeks!

Back to quilting...I have finished about two thirds of the scrappy quilt and I think I have dealt successfully with all the pleats and puckers. I will post pictures when I finish.

Quilting for other people allows me to meet the nicest people. Yesterday a new client came over to bring me a quilt top that she will hang in her church's entry hall. It is the cover photo of Kaye England's book, Graceful Journey. She would like Biblical symbols included in the quilting, but unfortunately, the fabrics are so busy it would be difficult for the quilting motifs to show. I will think about this one while I am finishing my current project.

Meanwhile, today it is off to the mountains again to see what progress we can make on our little mountain cabin project. It now has paneling upstairs, and we may get some more wiring done with my nephew and his electrician friend joining us. I know there will not be any dogwoods in bloom up there because their seasons are several weeks behind us. But- I will be on the lookout for fiddle head ferns, and maybe some black cherries will be flowering.

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