Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Hairy Shower Curtain is now a Shawl

It's done!
Yesterday I finished the rest of the stitching to make my shawl on my Gammill long-arm machine. Instead of doing straight horizontal lines, I made wavy ones. At that point, the thing started to look like a big shiny fish with its plastic covering and scaly looking stitching. After practically getting "Gammill elbow" from pushing the machine around, I finally did a small meander all over the surface. After a soak in the bathtub, which turned the water kind of purply, and drying overnight on towels,the shawl was ready to get a little more fringe. I think it's pretty, but now I'm not sure about wearing it to the wedding. Boone NC is supposed to have snow flurries on Saturday. Maybe I'll wear a parka instead!
The directions for creating the fabric can be found on HGTV's website, Simply Quilts, Episode QLT 1110. See the article

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