Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Cheery Quilts on a Blah Day

Remember that rare December snow I mentioned a couple weeks ago?  It did it again this morning.  We woke to big chunks of snow falling, and the ground and roads covered.  My hubby took Sweet Sue the Subaru to work and had no trouble.  She is made for the snow!

Now it is just alternating between wintry mix and plain old rain.  Very gray.  Here are some cheerful quilts that I have done for customers to brighten the day.

I have finished two more of the die-cut quilts for Martha.  The first one is in the same fabric line as two that I did for her students Jean and Tammy back in October.  This time, Martha used a shape that is used to make stars or Dresden Plate type blocks, covered the petals with scalloped circles, and ended up with a quilt resembling a Grandmother's Flower Garden!

Again, the shapes are just basted onto the quilt top with glue stick.  They are narrowly overlapped at the sides.  I was somewhat fearful of my fingers as I zoomed around the shapes trying to catch both petals with the quilting to hold them together!

The raw edges will fray and become "shabby chic" if Martha chooses to wash the quilt.

Look how cute the backing fabric is.

Well, if that's not perky enough, here is a second quilt made from the new Stampin'-Up fabric collection by Martha's student, Susan Elise from Norfolk.  It is just like the one Martha made.

For this quilt, Susan wanted a cherry red thread.  No problem....except that the backing is a pale blue solid fabric in a high thread count.  And that red thread kept breaking.  It is hard to disguise any knots or blobs when the thread contrasts so highly with the fabric.  But- I "gotter done!"

Today, I have a special project:  four applique's in summery motifs!  These were the pieces that my friend Carolyn used to learn how to applique from Jean, the expert in our bee.  I need to take some of those private lessons- these turned out so cute!

The last one insists on changing its orientation to landscape...don't know why!

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