Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So, having finished the last of the customer quilts required before Christmas, I started a little patchwork project of my own, hoping to finish in time for Christmas giving. Guess what...regular old patchwork is pretty boring when you have been making nothing but art quilts!  I did enjoy choosing the fabrics.

I decided to use a birthday gift from last June to cut out the squares...a Big Shot die-cutting machine! 

Yes, the very same type that was used to make all the flower applique quilts that I have quilted in the last year.  (And no, I am not planning to make one for myself!)  Mine is the electric version, which means no cranking.  It will cut about eight layers of fabric in each pass. I have a template that makes four different sized squares, one of which was the two-inch size I needed for this project.  After a while, I figured out that I didn't have to cover the whole template, just the part I needed.  I have lots of extra squares cut for other projects now!

It wastes some fabric, but saves some time.  And my rotary cutting for all the squares in this project.

So... after a couple days I finally finished piecing the top yesterday.  The pattern was more complicated than I thought.  And when I was all finished, I discovered...

THE MISTAKE.  You know, when you see that you reversed a patchwork block?  And you have to decide...

Do I leave it in as a Humility Block, as the Amish supposedly do?  You know, to show, nobody's perfect?

Or do some "unsewing?"

Can't show the whole quilt yet, but you can see the decision I made.

There is hope of getting this done, cleaning the house, making lasagna, and packing for the Christmas weekend...maybe!

Have you finished making your Christmas gifts?

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HaveFaith said...

I would have done the same thing. Humility is nice but I really would have been dreaming about the MISTAKE if I had not fixed it. Am I done? Hardly. I am just lucky enough not to be exchanging gifts with sister and best friend until next week and the week after. That will give me time to finish up the cross-stitch and tuck the ends into my knitting. The Snowman Quilt will just have to wait until next year to be hung with the binding. This year it is happy just to be half quilted but still, all in all, looking good. Have a Merry one.