Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Snow

Last night, we went to an office Christmas party at North Ridge Country Club in Raleigh.  It was beautifully decorated like a winter wonderland.

And, today, we got a rare December snowfall that turned our yard into a real winter wonderland!

It snowed big, beautiful flakes all afternoon and into the evening.  The roads are clear, but the trees and shrubs are covered with a blanket of fluffy snow.

And guess who enjoyed playing in the snow!  Kasey's fur coat came in handy today.

When she wasn't out in the snow, she was watching the birds at the feeder out the front door or window.

We just love our beautiful new snow dog!


Unknown said...

how pretty that all is with snow...lovely

Del said...

Casey has a gorgeous tail! Like a big feather duster. He may think he will have snow all the time in his new home. Congratulations.

Vicki W said...

I feel cheated, I only got a light dusting and it's already gone. I hope we get some big snows like last year!