Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finishing Up...

So, the house got clean enough, the lasagna got made, and I am putting  the last few stitches in my last-minute Christmas gift!

Kasey is in her "luxury suite" at the kennel, with a real bed and doggy movies on her TV, and we are leaving tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with all our kids and grandkids in South Carolina.  It is supposed to snow in North Carolina on Christmas day for this first time since I have lived here (45 years).  But, there is a chance of snow even in South Carolina, so we will see!

I wish you all the peace and joy of the season.

And, here is a little bit of me that has made it into a national publishing blog.  Remember when I attended Art of the Carolinas in November?  I took a class with Suzanne McNeill on Zentangles and Watercolor.  When I met Suzanne and Cindy at their booth, they took my picture with the Zentangle hand quilt that was a challenge for my Anything Art quilt guild.  I am featured on their blog today, along with my friend Roberta Morgan. 

Need to finish that little quilt, too!

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Unknown said...

how cool is that.......featured..that is great....have a safe trip in SC....Kasey is in the big house, she'll miss you i'm sure