Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Morning After

This is how our yard looked when we went out to get the morning paper.

It did not take long for the snow to start melting, even though it is still cold today.  I waited until it was above freezing, and took Kasey for a walk around the neighborhood.  I smiled when I saw the baby boy snowman next to the stork a few doors down!

Our neighbors Hutch and Jo had a beautiful Christmasy mail box.

We walked to the end of our street and up Rogers Road to see the barn on this pond.

The sun was shining beautifully on the water through the trees. I often see blue herons and turtles sunning themselves when I drive by this pond.

Kasey blended right in with the landscaping at the entrance to our neighborhood from Rogers Road.

The hollies are full of berries in time for Christmas.

We also have many native hollies, but this one does not have any berries.

I took this picture of snow on the fallen autumn leaves,

and realized how much it resembles my art quilt, "Autumn Leaves!"

Life imitating art!


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely insight into somewhere so far away from here, and so very different (apart from the holly which must surely be the same all over the northern hemisphere).

Quilter422 said...

beautiful pictures, and great name choice!