Friday, December 3, 2010

New Things

Today was the annual Christmas brunch for my local quilt bee, The Whacky Ladies.  We met at Brigs' Restaurant in Wake Forest.

Our custom is to exchange small gifts, often handmade, for each member.  This year I made a selection of quilted bookmarks and magnets.  Here are the needle-felted magnets, made of silk roving and Angelina fibers.

I also had a few made from one of the mini quilt sandwiches that I use to check thread tension on the longarm.  I added some beads and/or embroidery to these.  They look kind of Cinco de Mayo to me!  Wrong holiday, but they got snapped up pretty fast!

And there was one magnet from some of the Non-Traditional Patchwork from Rebekah Meier's book, Fabric Art Collage.

The bookmarks are quilted pieces from a piece of Setacolor painted/and or foiled  fabric.

We also exchange one big gift. This year I made a tote bag from a tote bag! 

I opened the sides of one of those gimme-bags from a school conference.  I added patchwork made from my own hand-painted fabric and commercial fabric.  These are painted with Shiva Iridescent Paint Sticks.

I added some fusible batting and the patchwork, and sewed the sides back up.  I added a lining in a light striped fabric.

My big gift from the exchange was a Yankee Candle Snowman candle holder, with cinnamon-scented candles. He is very happily at home in my Christmas Snowmen display! (Right in the middle, front row)

I came home with some wonderful little gifts.  Here is a change purse from Sharon with "Quilting Bee" fabric.

From Janice, our scrapbook queen, a beautifully decorated metal box of beautifully-wrapped candies.

Several lovely new ornaments:

And, a gift I've been enjoying while typing this post:

But, the best New Thing of all....

I finally decided I was ready to get another dog, especially after babysitting for my Grand-dog Roo  recently.  I've been looking online at all the local shelters. Finally, I found the one I wanted on Craigslist.  I went to get her yesterday.  We are already in love!

She is three years old, a Golden Retriever mix, but much smaller.  She only weighs about 35 pounds.  She came from a family with lots of children.  So far, she has been a perfect dog!

She loves our big yard and going for walks.  So far she has stayed downstairs, thus avoiding my longarm quilting room where she should not venture.  She loves to sleep at our feet, and will sit with her paw on my lap.

We are not sure what we will call her yet.  Stay tuned!  I am so happy to have a sweet doggy again! 

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