Monday, October 5, 2009

Quilt Bees, Musk Ox, and new Quilty Reading

Here are the Whacky Ladies, my local quilt bee...with one member moving this week to Utah, and one who just joined us last week, and two who were not present. We had a very nice meeting together at Janice's house.

Joanne was giving away or selling almost everything she owned to make the move easier. She gifted me with two most unique skeins of fiber...from Alaskan Musk Ox! That is a first for me.

Today was the Anything Art Bee. Today's topic was Journal Quilts. There was some great eye candy and wonderful quilting. I can't really say that I have ever done Journal Quilts, but I have done a quilted journal or two.

On the way home, I stopped at Barnes and Noble (chain bookstore.) I have been trying to teach myself to play Scrabble, and have been using the online site Lexulous. I have only beaten the computer once, at Untimed Level 1. So, I bought a Scrabble dictionary to start learning some of those obscure words that even the Level 1 computer can spit out faster than I can sort the letters on my tray.

I also had to pick up the newest versions of Quilting Arts gifts,

and Cloth Paper Scissors Studios. Maybe one day I will fix mine up.

And I just got this new needle-felting book, that had been back-ordered from B&N.

I loved Margo's first book, and made a brooch and a purse from the directions. This one has more projects that involve wet felting. You have to wrap wet wool fibers around a pool noodle and roll them, then throw them in the sink about a hundred times. Not so sure I will be doing that. But never say never...

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