Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Quilt-on-Wheels

Sorry about no post on Work-in-Progress Wednesday...I was, well, working on my Works-in-Progress.

And also working on another online course for renewing my teaching certificate. This is one is about North Carolina Indians. It actually is more interesting than I thought it would be.

When I finished that, I added the binding and label to another baby quilt for a friend. I'll post that one when I get the binding sewn down to the back. That is the last of the quilts for all the new babies this year- another little girl.

And then I pieced a backing for another charity quilt that came with a backing that was too small. I try to have the grain running in the same direction on backs...keeps puckering and stretching down to a minimum. I like to sew the selvages together in a big seam, like one inch...and then trim off the selvage and iron the seam open.

Often, when I am quilting these charity quilts, I will load one on the machine after finishing another project that has some leftover bobbins in a thread color that will work for the charity quilt top. That saves a little time and uses up the extra bobbins.

This time, I had white thread on the machine, but decided to switch to a maroon color for this little quilt with violet, purple,aqua, black and white. The black sashing and corners makes a nice framework to show off the large print with kitty cats and house plants. It was made by Sharon, one of my bee members who generously has been making a couple of these every month from donated fabric.
It brings out the violets and purples, and looks good on the black.

Usually I do some sort of quick meander on these, but since it was the only quilt on the machine that day, I decided to spend a little more time. I chose a teardrop or peacock free-motion design.

Here is the pieced back.

I remembered why I usually chose something simpler, two-and-a-half hours later. Well, it looks pretty nice, I think! At our bee meeting tonight, I will be delivering five charity quilts and picking up at least four more.

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