Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'll Be No Good For Awhile...

After loading up on my new reading material yesterday, look what arrived by UPS late yesterday afternoon: two books on back order from Barnes and Noble.

The first is by our local celebrity art quilter, Lyric Kinard, who has published her first book after many acclaimed articles in Quilting Arts magazine.

I have not read it yet, but I love the colorful hardback cover and the fact that it is spiral-bound to lie flat. This book is full of exercises to teach the elements of art. I am happy to see several quilts by my fellow CyberBee members Kathy Hefner and Mary Corcoran in the Student Gallery. I recognize some of Lyric's quilts that have been in our Capital Quilters' Guild Shows. Looking forward to working my way through this book!

And here is the other book, hot off the press:

I am hoping that Beth Wheeler will unlock some of the secrets to using Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit photographs and use them in art quilts.

Too bad if anyone needs me this week...I will be reading!


Laura Martell said...

I don't know whether to thank you or not, since I just had to go and order the same 2 books:) I can't wait to get them. I am going to be traveling in a week so this will make great travel reading. Thanks for sharing.Laura in Raleigh (capital quilt guild, too!)

Lyric said...

You all are invited to Lyric's book party on Friday, NOVEMBER 20th from 5-9pm! You can buy a book then or bring yours along for her to sign. She might even have her studio unburied by then!

You can also order a signed book from her website at

I'd LOVE to see you there! Pass the word!
Take care,

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to get my hands on Lyric's book!! It looks wonderful! I am hoping that she will be coming to a friends shop in Alexandria VA to teach soon- possibly in early 2010!! I ahve been working on the owner to get her up here! you are so lucky to ahve her in your gorups!!
I ahve just taken a trip through your recent posts!! Wonderful- love all of the photos and your slide shows!!!
Happy Reading!!
Best Regards!