Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autumn Color

I just looked at my last post, which was a week ago...man, I wasn't kidding when I said I'd be distracted for awhile! Actually, we spent a long weekend in the North Carolina mountains, not returning until Monday this time. Leaf Peeper Alert: Better get up to the mountains fast if you want to see the autumn hillsides.

The change was drastic this weekend, and the leaves are already starting to fall.
When we arrived Friday afternoon, the sun was golden and the temperatures warm. I took lots of pictures, because I was afraid the weather was deteriorating the next day.It was kind of rainy Saturday, but on Sunday afternoon, the sun came back out just in time for a family afternoon with my visiting brother and sister-in-law from Florida, and one of my brothers from Boone. It was perfect! I thought these clouds looked like a crown.

We put up some seasonal decorations at the cabinand did a little fishing in our pond. I love the reflection of the autumn foliage in the water.For those who eagerly await wildlife reports, we had a close encounter with a raccoon in our yard. We have seen lots of photos of them on the stealth camera, swinging from the corn feeder, but have never seen one at the house. This one was interested in Maggy's dog food bowl and Maggy was interested in keeping the raccoon in the tree. It was very smart, moving to the "dogless" side of the tree and sneaking down very slowly, then making its escape.

Monday it was rainy and time to come home. Tired today!

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Unknown said...

don't you just love this time of year in NC mountains.......we are so lucky