Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anything Art at My House

Yesterday the new Anything Art quilt bee had its first "hands-on" meeting at my house. Our theme of the day was painting fabric, especially with Shiva Paint Sticks and Tsukineko inks. Some of the ladies brought projects to paint, and others played with some quilted practice pieces that I cut up. It was a gorgeous day with a little breeze and pleasant temps, and we enjoyed lunch outdoors while sitting in rocking chairs or the swing on my big front porch. We painted either in my kitchen dining area or out on the screen porch. I also got out my Caran-D'Ache Neocolor II water-soluble crayons. So much fun! Here is everyone but Margaret, who left a little early, and me, out on the screen porch.

I tried out some of my rubbing plates with Shiva Paint Stiks. I think I need to purchase the Teflon grip sheet that keeps them from slipping. I like that the Shiva oil paints work well with dark fabrics. Many fabric paints are too transparent to show up on dark backgrounds.

As we shared our knowledge of the paint stiks, I learned a new way of applying the paints to the brushes. Usually, I use a hard stencil brush, and rub it in to the end of the paint stik. Several others recommended coloring with the paint stik on a paper palette or plate, then rubbing the brush into the dab of color. Brilliant! You could do some color blending that way.

Someone started coloring this quilted practice piece with the inks, but left it behind. I finished coloring it with this strange color combination.

And I emphasized the quilted swirls on this piece, that I had previously tie-dyed with Setacolor paints and quilted on my Gammill. This could become the front of a tote bag or something.

I have spent a lot of happy hours painting fabric, but it was really fun to share the activity with friends!

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