Monday, September 21, 2009

Moist Mountain Weekend-AND a quilt show

No pictures of idyllic blue skies or sun-drenched hillsides from last weekend's mountain trip. It was mostly gray and misty. Most of the rain fell during the inch and a half Saturday night according to my rain gauge. But it held off enough to spend most of our time outdoors with our son and the grandkids.

My husband was lifting Lily to see a caterpillar on a tree.

Bryson and Avery are sitting in the Gator on the top at one of the tree farms.

Avery found a "mush-a-room."

The pond was very muddy and the fish were not biting, but we had fun anyway.

Before the kids arrived, Charlie and I went to West Jefferson. He dropped me off at the Ashe County Piecemakers Quilt Guild show while he did the errands for the weekend- what a man!

The show was held in the Jefferson Station venue, which affords lots of spacious room to view the quilts. There was a lot to see, between the show quilts, the display of antique quilts and home decor, and the vendor mall. I will show a few each day this week.

This show was totally "Viewer's Choice" as far as awards go. Each visitor received a clipboard and a pencil to vote for their favorites in each category. A few categories had only one or two entries, but mostly it was very hard to choose. There was no program, and the quilt-makers' names were left off of the paper labels. Perhaps that was to avoid voting by popularity? But I was pleased to see that the longarm quilters were identified on the labels. Hats off to fellow Gammill-Classic quilter Gillian Winterton of Laurel Springs Quilting, who quilted the majority of longarmed-quilts in the show.

Here is my vote for Best in Show- a lovely teal applique quilt.

I love the colors, the floral designs which show a lot of movement, the unusual sashing/borders, and the to-die for cross-hatched quilting.

It was hard to choose between the teal quilt and this coral one, which appears to be made by the same quilter.

Look at all the perfect appliqued circles.
Here are some other appliqued quilts.

Beautiful Dresden plate sunflowers with a floral applique border

This quilt had beautiful leaves appliqued with blanket-stitch and also embroidered. Look at the cool tendrils...looks like wrapped cording. I like the black background fabric that looks like faux- pebble quilting.

Autumn leaves were a popular theme in this mountain community.

Another stunning Dresden plate quilt with an applique border.Here is a nice "quilt with a view."

And some very whimsical fish.And a charming quilt with pink hearts and flowers.

I enjoyed the vendor mall, although my time was quite limited for browsing since hubby was picking me up...but I purchased this great selection of half yard black and white fabrics with very graphic prints.

More next time!


Cathie said...

Yummmmmm - that is some great eye candy Jeanne. How fun. I too love that teal quilt and the companion pink quilt. What an eye for color that gal has. Nothing prettier than one color family with white.
I was just online making my hotel reservations for the Mid Atlantic. All rooms at the Embassy Suites are booked dang it.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Lovely quilts, I especially like the applique designs. Thanks for sharing.