Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend in the North Carolina Mountains

Just back from five days in the North Carolina mountains...nothing quilty to talk about today, but be prepared for lots of family and scenery pictures! I spent all day Friday with my father and family members as he was discharged from the hospital after surgery. I am glad to say he tolerated his operation well and is now back home.

Our little cabin is located on a family compound owned by my sister and brother-in-law, with over sixty acres of land beginning at a trout stream and rising to the mountain top. There are numerous logging roads that allow us to ride to the top on ATV's of various sorts. Two of the men spent a whole day smoothing the ruts out of the main road to the top of the mountain. Wow! I believe I could drive Sweet Sue the Subaru up this nice road! That's old Maggy, still making the climb several times a day.

At night we sometimes go up to the top and watch the stars or the sunset from the Christmas tree farm. Since we did not have any of our kids with us this weekend, we took Ricky and Mary's grandkids up with us in the back of the Gator.

There was a gorgeous full moon that looked orange on Saturday night. It looked large and low over the mountain from the tree farm. You sure can't tell it from this picture.

During the day we either fish in the pond, play in the creek, or just pass around whatever baby might be visiting. My niece Melinda brought her six-month old baby, Ragen, and I got to hold her a few times.But that does not happen too often when Grandma Katy is also in town!

Mama Melinda let Ragen wade a bit in the creek. She is going to be a mountain girl- she loved it!
Guess who else got to play in the creek? That's me, the only adult who opted to get in and play with some of the kids. Those empty detergent bottles make great creek toys.

There are usually one or more dogs bounding through the creek, as well. This one is my sister's border collie, Fred.

I noticed that my great-niece Hunter and niece Melinda are starting to look a lot alike! Wow, they could be sisters!

The asters are in full bloom in sunny meadows and along the creek.

as are the goldenrods. Whole fields of gold waving in the breeze.

Charlie and I spent a lot of time on the mountain on Sunday,
marking trees with "posted" signs for the upcoming deer season. Our stealth camera did not capture any bears this week...maybe he has moved on.
Deep in the woods, the light appears to be almost liquid green as it is dappled through the trees.

But the dogwood and maple trees are starting to turn red.

We hated to come home. It was starting to get rainy on Monday, which made it easier to leave.

When we did get home, we watched one of the most exciting college football games on TV that I have ever seen...Miami beating Florida State 38-34. There were many lead changes and exciting big plays- my kind of game.
I hope your weekend was a good one, too!

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Judy Alexander said...

Beautiful picture and it looks like you had a great time. We have a lot on the Nottly River just outside of Murphy with a camper on it and I love to go up there.