Monday, September 28, 2009

Mountains in Rain and Sunshine

Our mountain weekend started out with LOTS of heavy rain. On Saturday, we spent the day indoors, playing with my sister's grandbabies.

celebrating my father's birthday, eating lasagna, and enjoying a win by N.C. State in football.

The rain finally stopped just before dark on Saturday night. Our normally placid little creek was changed into a muddy roaring river

and the spillover at the dam was crashing over the rocks on the sides.

What a difference a day makes. Sunday we woke to golden sunshine, blue skies, and a light breeze. We took some beautiful rides on "our" mountain in the Gator.

Charlie and I went into the woods to fill up the corn feeders for the deer (and raccoons, squirrels, and bear on the stealth camera this week!) It is definitely beginning to look a bit like autumn. Hmm, this forest floor pic might make a good art quilt!
Even the ride home was gorgeous. This is where our road comes out on the highway in Laurel Springs. The fields are part of the North Carolina Upper Mountain Research agricultural station.
These fields and barns are also part of Upper Mountain, but across the highway. I like the way the golden leaf tobacco in the foreground matches the quilt block on the barn between the silos. There are goats grazing on the hills in front of the barn.

Hope to get some quilting done this afternoon, but it is continuing to be cool, sunny, and beautiful outside!