Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Sewing Table

I just received this new sewing table that I ordered from JoAnn's Fabrics online. (This picture is from the website...mine is not out of the box yet!) My old table was actually an extra-long business desk that worked fairly well when I was doing machine quilting on my Bernina. However, I don't need all that table space any more since I do about 95% of my quilting on my Gammill. And the long desk is covered with stuff.
So, I think I will try just having my machine on this small table that will allow the machine to be flush with the table top. I have lots of those plastic storage drawers that can go next to it for all the "stuff." I am a "stacker"...all horizontal surfaces get covered with clutter. So my theory is...less horizontal surface, less clutter. What do you think?

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Christine Thresh said...

That looks very good to me. It is important to have the machine bed flush with the surface for most things.
Nice clean lines. Give us a report on its stability when you use it.