Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Seeking Color in a World of Gray

Still blogging about our trip to New York last weekend. Can there be anything more gray than our view out the window when we first arrived at the hotel?

Rain, concrete, steel, you get the picture. In fact, New York's midtown is so gray, so linear and angular, that I practically kiss the ground when we arrive back in beautiful, green, woodsy North Carolina. But I was constantly drawn to spots of color that caught my eye, whether for an advertisement or just a spot of beauty. I guess if I lived in Manhattan I would be in Central Park every waking daylight hour. I thrive not only on nature's beauty, but like all quilty people, on the vivid colors and combinations of hues surrounding us each day. With a little seeking, I was able to capture some spots of color lurking here and there in NYC. (And fortunately, the skies cleared to a beautiful blue by Friday morning, and remained so for the rest of the weekend.)

On Broadway:

At FAO Schwartz toy store (this one's for Bryson and Avery):

At a wonderful Italian restaurant on 9th Avenue where Pam and I ate lunch on Friday (and they had waiters that called us "Bella":

At shops in Soho:

It is such a delight to chance upon these florist or fruit stands with their wares tantalizing the eye. I always wish I could load up on the fresh produce or plants, but that is not too practical when staying in a hotel and traveling by plane.

And finally, from those folks that have brought us "The Wonderful World of Color" since my childhood:

Hope you enjoyed my colorful view of New York!


katepang said...

I've never been to NYC, probably never will, as I am trying to avoid flying for environmental reasons, but I loved your title about gray! I was thinking the other day about the colours I least like to use in quilts, and gray came top! I made a mental challenge to try and use it imaginatively - with spots of colour sounds good.

Clevelandgurlie said...

Jeanne - I love your NY photographs. I have never been to NYC and don't have the slightest desire - but am always fascinated by photographs - and your images are interesting. I particularly loved the ones of Strawberry Fields as I am a HUGE Lennon fan.