Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last Post before New York trip

Tomorrow morning it is off to New York! I am so excited! I am not sure if Charlie wants to deal with taking the laptop, so I may not be posting again until next Monday. We have been having such unseasonably hot weather- 94 degrees yesterday! The New York weather is predicted to be in the fifties and sixties, so that will be a lovely change. It is supposed to rain the first few days. I need to go look through my closets for a jacket and something to wear to dinner at the University Club on Friday night. Anyway, here are two pictures to leave with you- more postcards! I had all my stuff out to make my two thank-you cards, so I just kept going. I want to have a few small pieces available when I speak at the Piedmont Quilters' Guild in January.
Dragonfly-I found this foil-stamped piece of black fabric left over from my Melody Crust workshop last winter. I stitched the stamped fabric to a stabilizer and stitched with Sulky Iridescent thread. Then I cut it out, and attached to a piece of fabric I had previously painted with Shiva Paintstiks in pastel colors. After attaching to the Peltex base, I quilted with more of the iridescent and also a blue metallic thread. Two green Swarovski crystals make the eyes. This one is shiny and jewel-like!
Shine On! - This one is similar to Glowing Roses. The background is a maroon hand-dye, lightened and brightened with Shiva Paintstiks and Vegas Gold Tsukineko ink. There is Angelina added to the flower layers, silver ink artwork, and Swarovski crystals.

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Brother Jeff said...

Safe travels sister! You are brilliant...congrats on the ribbon!