Monday, October 22, 2007

Lots of Quilty Things

All Things Quilty has lots of quilty news today! In fact, I probably have enough eye candy to last the rest of the week and then some. Thursday night I attended the Capital Quilters Guild meeting, with guest speaker Gail Garber. She is a fantastic quilt artist, known for stellar quilts with flying geese arcing around in all directions. Of course, I bought her book! Since I did, I probably should also have purchased the large, professional-looking compass and the flexi-curve ruler she was selling.

Gail wore a gorgeous jacket resembling the cover quilt of her book. She spoke about her journey from traditional quilter in 1980 to art quilt designer. I was taking mental notes, since this is the topic of my talk in January at the Piedmont Quilters Guild.

Gail did not exactly do a trunk show, but kindly allowed her quilts to be draped across the stage so we could go up and admire them up close. As is always the case, the photos in her slide show did not do them justice. Such beautiful metallic thread quilting and many hidden details. She is such a nice lady, too! She stopped me on the way back from Show and Tell to compliment me on Lily's bed quilt (Carolina Lily.)Carolina Lily with scallop border

My DH (who shall henceforth be known as DSH-Dear Sweet Husband) wanted to leave for the mountains Thursday night, but deferred the trip until Friday morning so I could attend the guild meeting. Then, he graciously postponed our arrival in the mountains yet again, so that I could make a quick stop at a quilt show in Greensboro, NC (right on the way!) The show was by the Piedmont Quilters Guild, so I definitely wanted to support their show and introduce myself.

Well, I had been at the show for all of three minutes when I had a sighting of a SUPERSTAR of the quilting and textile world (not to mention knitting, china, garments, and painting) Kaffe Fassett arrived at the front desk as I was filling out my tickets for the sewing machine raffle. He was signing copies of one of his books. I do have one of his early books, in which I admire his bold use of color (Kaleidoscope of Quilts.)

I have found my quilting friends to be divided almost evenly among those who adore KF and his work, and those who really dislike him. I am somewhat neutral. I wasn't falling all over myself to take his picture, but I don't hate his fabric. I thought I was going to purchase some of his floral fabric for the backing of my round robin quilt. It was on sale at Wish Upon a Quilt, a Raleigh-based Internet store. But I did not find any that called my name, even for the backing.

Well, I will save the rest of the Piedmont Quilt show for my next post. But be warned- last weekend was the most absolutely gloriously beautiful weekend in the mountains of North Carolina. If there is an attractive hillside, tree, or leaf in Ashe County that has not been photographed, it is not my fault! Here are a few teasers:
Christmas tree farm on mountain top

This is the top of our cabin just visible above the trees along our drive.

Must get going- please stop back at ATQ for more Piedmont Quilt Show news and mountains pics!

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Clevelandgurlie said...

This is a beautiful photograph Jeanne. You should make this into an art quilt - with just a little bit better view of the cabin in the background.