Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sewing a pillow- twice!

Yesterday I made one pillow to go with the Carolina Lily bed quilt for my granddaughter's room. It took almost all day- mainly because of all the re-sewing I had to do! Here is a hint: if you use Vanish water-soluble thread, keep it in a different place than your usual threads! I changed to a light thread color when I started this project, just grabbing a spool off my sewing table. When I started experiencing frequent thread breakage when gathering the ruffle, I took a second look at the thread I had chosen. Yup- the kind that dissolves in water! I had sewn the borders for the pillow top and the ruffle with it. Not a good idea! Normally I only use this product when doing machine trapunto before cutting away the batting.

Of course, I am not known for the organization and neatness of my sewing room. I envy all those who take pictures of their workspace. Not me- I can barely walk in the room sometimes with all the projects heaped about. Oh, well, it works for me- usually!

Anyway, I think that the grandkids are coming up next week for a few days- so I will try to get the binding finished on the quilt by then. Off to the mountains either tonight or tomorrow where the air is supposed to be much cooler this weekend!

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