Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not Your Grandmother's Quilt Show

This weekend will be the Carolina Longarm Association quilt show in Clemmons, NC. Dubbed Not Your Grandmother's Quilting, it will feature quilts by our members from North and South Carolina and Virginia. There will be two "opportunity" quilts available, both in red and white. I got to see both of these yesterday when I delivered my show quilts. Both are beautiful, heirloom quality, mouthwatering quilts that were pieced and quilted by our members. You can still get tickets for a chance to win these beauties, which will be raffled off on Saturday evening at the end of the show. Please follow this link for info about buying raffle tickets.

The show will be held at New Hope Presbyterian Church, 2570 Harper Rd, Clemmons, NC on Friday and Saturday of this week. Here is the link to the show information.

Pieced and quilted by Iris Noitalay

Pieced by Theresa Dewalt and Pame Whitaker and was quilted by Kim Buterbaugh

I am leaving tomorrow to help set up for the show, and will not be back until Saturday night. My sister lives in Kernersville, NC, which is about 30 minutes away from Clemmons, and I will be staying at her house. We are hoping this show will be a success, since it is our first Machine Quilting show. In fact, there are large machine quilting shows in other parts of the country, but none in the southeast. Perhaps this will become our own MQS or MQX someday! This year, we will have vendors, but no classes at this event.

After my guild's quilt show in March, I vowed not to enter any more unfinished quilts in shows. It is kind of stressful if things do not go well, or if life intervenes before the quilt is finished. So, I entered only finished projects this time. Except...I signed up to do the challenge quilt, which is only 24 inches square, a blue star on a white background. How long could that take? So, I drew up my designs, auditioned them with members of my bee, and got started...on Monday! I got it quilted and finished, but not as perfect as I would have liked. Oh, well, it's just a piece of cloth. After my son's apartment fire last week, the importance of something like this went way down on my list of priorities. Anyway, here is my little guy. I used a garden theme since I enjoy quilting leaves and flowers so much. The blue areas have a variegated thread in jewel tones, and I used Aurifil and Bottom Line in the white. Introducing..."Star of the Garden."

Star of the Garden
24 x 24
Signature Fad 5 Variegated cotton thread in blue areas
Two layers of batting- Warm and Natural base and Warm Blend top layer Butterflies and dragonflies occupy the corner squares
Setting triangles have feathered leafy motifs
My other entries are my fiber shawl, Something Girly, Spring Greens, and a Yellow Brick Road bed quilt I made years ago named Summer Treasures. It has hummingbirds and dragonflies in blues, yellows, and greens, and is quilted with Linda Taylor's Feather Meander pattern in variegated blues and greens. I think the Carolina Lily quilt is prettier, but notice it is not finished yet!

Fiber shawl made on longarm , now named "Luscious"

Something "Girly"
34 x 34

Spring Greens

12 x 12


Clevelandgurlie said...

Jeanne - good luck at your show. These are beautiful quilts and certainly deserve a ribbon (or two!)

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I'm not sure if I mentioned that all the awards are "Viewer's Choice"- a first, second, and third in each category. I just found out when turning in my entries that they have eliminated the ribbons in the Miscellaneous category. So, no ribbon for my "Luscious" shawl. That's OK- we hope to make money from this show to sponsor some longarm teachers to come to NC for our group.