Friday, November 18, 2011

What I've Been Doing This Week

This week has gone by quickly!

Monday, I tried to replicate the watercolor that I did in Tom Lynch's class on Saturday.  I collected some leaves in the backyard and went through the same process.  Here is the new attempt.

I kind of like it!  The background leaves are kind of ghostly.

On Tuesday, Charlie and I went to see the Radio City Music Christmas Spectacular at the Durham Performing Arts Center.  I had been to Radio City Music Hall in New York several times as a child, but Charlie had never seen the Rockettes.  It was a good show with great visual effects.  Of course, it was 75 degrees outside, which did not seem too Christmasy!

Charlie left for the annual deer camp on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I went to the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh to see the special Rembrandt exhibit.  There were 47 Rembrandt paintings on display.  Or, maybe three Rembrandts, and 44 Wannabees? 

Apparently, Rembrandt ran a portrait assembly line.  He might do the face, and then pass it down the line to his students or assistants to complete.  He did not document the subjects of his paintings very well, either.  It is a matter of educated guesswork to determine if the subject matter was a family member, client, or perhaps a saint. 

Nevertheless, the paintings were awesome.  The faces were amazing.  Many of the people in the paintings wore lace collars or millstone ruffs of white.  They looked like they were actual lace.  They did not allow photography in this exhibit.

I have been working on the candlewick quilt and it is almost finished.  I am beyond pleased with the way it is turning out.

Each square has a different quilting treatment, depending on the motif.  The embroidery is really popping out when the quilting flattens out the background areas.

Only two more squares to go!

We are continuing to have beautiful weather in these last days of autumn.  Today it turned much colder.    I took Kasey for a walk on the greenway between Wake Forest and Rolesville.

There was some frost this morning.

We still have lots of gorgeous fall color, but I am afraid it will not last much longer.  This is one of my favorite trees, a big oak that leans over my street and provides a canopy of shade until its leaves are shed in the fall.

When the woods are backlit from the morning sun behind my house, I feel so completely happy and grateful to live in a beautiful state.

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Vicki W said...

I'm not a fan of portrait art (because I have some weird thing against faces in art) but I still remember the first time I saw Rembrandt. It was amazing and I felt like the eyes of the subject were following me around the room. It's deer season here too and I awoke to the sounds of shotguns this morning. It's also opening day of duck season and that's where Chris is! Duck for dinner I hope!