Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blog Give-Away: Elm Creek Quilters Novel

Are you a fan of the Elk Creek Quilts series of novels by Jennifer Chiaverini?   There is a brand new one just released titled The Wedding Quilt.

Author Jennifer Chiaverini will be in Raleigh, North Carolina for a reading at Quail Ridge Books on Wednesday, November 10 at 7:30. 

Dutton, a branch of the Penguin Group, has offered to give a free copy of the novel to one of my blog readers.  (I have no affiliation with this company other than to accept their offer of a give-away.)

Here is a summary of The Wedding Quilt that the publisher provided.

THE WEDDING QUILT is a tribute to one of America’s most romantic and enduring traditions.

Effortlessly weaving together past, present, and future, THE WEDDING QUILT introduces Sarah’s long-awaited twins twenty-five years into the future. Just as Chiaverini longed for a wedding quilt of her own, Sarah’s daughter also dreams of one with which to begin her marriage. Enlisting the help of her fellow Elm Creek Quilters, Sarah collects signatures of the wedding guests in order to surprise her daughter with a quilt to represent all of her loved ones as she begins her new life. Readers will delight in new insight of past Elm Creek Manor brides as Sarah reflects back on her life and the many joyous experiences she’s had with her friends and family at Elm Creek Manor.

If you would like to win a free copy of the novel, just leave a comment on this post telling something about the friendships you have enjoyed because of your love of quilting.  Are you in a guild?  A quilt bee?  An online group?  Have you made new friends as you traveled to a quilt show or taken a quilting cruise?

Leave your comment by Sunday, November 13, and I will randomly select the winner of the novel the next day.  I must be able to contact you by e-mail, so do not post anonymously.  I am looking forward to hearing the stories of your quilting friendships.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I have met so many talented and creative people through my love of quilting. And not only quilters but great artists too.

Katie said...

I met you! :-)

Quilting has for many years been a connection between me and my mom, and now between me and my geograpically distant step-daughter. I'm still hoping to draw at least one more daughter into the fold.

Glenda in Florida said...

This summer I hosted a mini reunion at my home for two quilty friends that I met in Korea 13 years ago. One was a fellow military wife, but the other was a lovely Korean lady that me met while shopping at the Korean fabric market. We enjoyed a close friendship while we all lived in Seoul, but when the two of us were transferred away, we rarely heard from our Korean friend. This year she was visiting the U.S. and we arranged to meet at my home, to renew our friendship.

Pat B said...

My husband's work took us to several different places before he retired. I met new friends at each location through quilting and many still keep in touch.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'd say that at least 90% of my friends are women I've met in quilt Guilds. I'm currently a member of 2. I also started my blog in hopes that i'd be able to meet even more quilters.

amy Losordo said...


Thanks for the opportunity to share the joy that quilting has brought to each of us. Certainly has continued the bond between my family as my mother first started me on this wonderful craft and I hope to inspire my children someday. It has bonded me to other quilters, men and women and has brought me to places I would have never gone - Houston's International Quilt Festival.

June said...

Hi Jeanne,
The best friends I have in my life are all quilters. (That includes my husband! We took our first quilt class together over 20 years ago.) I probably would never have met most of these friends if we hadn't shared the same love of fabric and sewing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thank you so much for this great opportunity. Over the years I have met so many wonderful people in the quilting world but the most loved are 8 women in my Bee. We have been together since 2005 and we still are hanging tight and maintained a strong bond. Our group has very talented people and all of us have grown learned alot. I love my BeeFF,s (Bee Friends Forever). Thanks again.

Kim S.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

My best friends are my friends who quilt. And I get to meet lots of internet quilter friends at a retreat next fall. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Lois said...

I have met so many wonderful new friends through quilting -- members of the guild, my bee, and teachers through classes. It is so wonderful to have friends with the same passion for quilting!

Linda Creech said...

I have been a member of the Capital Quilters Guild and the Undercover Bee for at least 15 years but until 2010 I was just a group member. In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the ladies who were just part of the group became true friends. The created a beautiful inspirational wall hanging and the many cards and hugs that I have received for the past almost two years now has really uplifted me to show me how supportive we all are to each other.

Cathie said...

Began quilting to ease my grief after losing my sweet mother. I would watch her sew for hours as a little girl and followed in her footsteps as a way of carrying on her legacy. It is something we still share.

Terry B. said...

Love all the quilting friends I've made! Wouldn't it be a great time to have gone to Elm Creek quilters camp and experienced the wonderful times and elegant home and grounds that Jennifer C. painted for us.

Bj said...

My quilting roots began when I was a small child, I can remember my mothers and our neighbors in Valley Station quilting a quilt on a frame, I remember my Grandmother making Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks for quilts. I'm not in my 50's and have many quilting friends, my friend Roslyn and Lauren started our little group, AZ Huggy Bunch 2, they have grown from two members to six members, we all quilt around Roslyn's kitchen table most every Saturday :) Roslyn and I have read all of Jennifer's books and look forward to reading the Wedding Quilt, Lauren is in her second book of the series, Thank You, Bj.