Thursday, November 3, 2011

Here We Go Again

I am in Week 1 of another online class with Canadian quilt artist Pamela Allen.  This one is about working in a series.  We got to select our own subject matter.  I have chosen trees/landscapes/mountains.  Not very far from my comfort zone, am I?

In Lesson One, we began as we have in other workshops by choosing paintings which we admire, pulling fabrics that are in the same palette, and making a color study of the painting in fabric.  I chose this portrait by the Impressionist Mary Cassatt called Mlle. C Lydia Cassatt (the artist's sister.)

After pulling my fabrics, I cut out shapes freehand and came up with this.

I really loved this attempt, but when comparing it to the original image, my backgrounds were too light.  Pamela did her magic with her photo editing and suggested the darker values to make the figure pop.

That does look much more like the original.  I tried again this afternoon and came up with this version.  Now I am waiting to hear from PamelaMaMa to see if I "done good!"

You may have seen the Cassatt portrait if you are one of the growing numbers of people who have discovered Pinterest.  I'm not sure how I discovered this online pinboard, but it is extremely addictive and interesting.  Members post pictures that they have come across online and pin them onto "boards" listed by categories.  One of my boards is "Paintings I Love."  Check it out!  I've got one on quilts, art quilts, fiber art, and color inspiration, among others.

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