Friday, November 11, 2011

Watercolor Weekend Day 2: Karlyn Holman

On to Day 2 of my classes at Art of the Carolinas.  This time it was another session with Karlyn Holman, and the topic was Paint Colorful Boats. Karlyn leads art excursions all over the world, and the subject of this drawing was of boats in Venice.

The method was very different this time, because we painted on stretched canvas that had been pre-treated with a medium to allow it to accept watercolor paint.  When finished, the painting can be sprayed with acrylic and framed without glass.

There were a large number of students in a long, narrow room.  I was at the very end of this first table, and Karlyn was at the opposite end of the room.  No problem, since we all gathered around her station to watch her demo the techniques.  She walked around the room frequently offering help and encouragement.

And here is what I came home with!

My boats look a little like they are grounded on rocks or caught in an oil slick!  But it is a colorful picture.  I might work on this a little more.

Tomorrow is a workshop with Tom Lynch titled  A Watercolor that Paints Itself. 

This is another one that I am really looking forward to painting!

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Elizabeth said...

All of your paintings are fabulous Jeanne!! You have really come a long way with your watercolors!! how do you like the watercolor ground that you used on the canvas???