Sunday, November 20, 2011

Swirly Girls, Show-and-Tell, Paintings and Projects

On my last blog post, I did not mention the great Guild meeting on Thursday night.  After the art museum Rembrandt exhibit, my friend Donna and I went to dinner and then to the Capital Quilters Guild meeting.  The evening's lecture was by The Swirly Girls, who were two lovely, funny, and talented ladies from Midlothian, Virginia.  Susan and Christine told the story of their partnership in fabric and pattern design, and had an awesome trunk show of many of their quilts.  I highly recommend them if your Guild needs speakers! This picture is from their website.

Enjoy the trunk show, peering around people's heads like I did!

We also had a great guild show-and-tell.

I bought some more watercolor painting kits from my mentor, Karlyn Holman, at Art of the Carolinas last weekend.  I started one of them this weekend.  I found out that this one does not have a corresponding lesson in the DVD or book Watercolor Without Boundaries, so I just plunged in.  Later I found it in her other book, Watercolor Fun and Free.  I was not following procedure very well.  Oh, well.  I like it!

The weather was so warm and gorgeous today that after our walk, Kasey and I sat outside on our deck, gazing at the woods. 

I continued stitching the Mary Cassatt color study that I put together for my latest Pamela Allen class.  This photo is before any of the hand embroidery, because right now it is stuck full of pins.

I also attempted Lesson 4, which was to compose an abstract version of our selected subject.  I have been working on landscapes for this class.  I put together this piece by just layering fabrics and cutting a few shapes that might be part of a mountain landscape.  Hmm, apparently it is too realistic.

I like it, and might keep it despite the fact that it was not approved as an abstract.  I will try again!

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