Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heading for the Holidays

Wow!  Thanksgiving has already come and gone!  Time to put away the turkey

and take out the Christmas decorations!

Both of the above quilts are 24" wall quilts that I made for my son Dave and his wife, Emily.  We had a nice Thanksgiving buffet at Margaux in Raleigh, a restaurant I highly recommend.  Then it was so warm that we sat outside on the back deck until the stars came out.  Charlie built us a fire in the fire pit, and we had a relaxing day.

On Friday. our South Carolina family came up and stayed the weekend.  On Saturday, Charlie and I took the three kids to the Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh.  That was an amazing place, and the best bargain in town at only $5.00 per head. 

All three kids were captivated by all the hands-on interactive activities.

The oldest, Avery, showed up this time with a semi-Mohawk and a rat-tail.  We like him anyway.

This morning I had to go get "my girls" checked by mammogram at 9:00 and was done by 9:10.  It was raining when I left, but as soon as the sun came out I loaded Kasey in the car to go for a walk on the greenway.  I could walk there, but since hurting my ankle last summer I prefer to drive and save my steps.

Sometimes when the weather has been bad, we have been lucky enough to see deer emerging on the greenway.  Sure enough, we had just gotten started when I saw this pretty lady.

We both just froze and looked at each other.  I was able to raise my camera to take her picture, and she actually started walking toward me.  She and Kasey did not even notice each other.

About that time, four or five other deer came up behind her.  They all turned and went into the creek.  There are at least three of them in the next picture...Where's Waldo?

The creek was very swollen from the rain.

It spilled over the rocks  at the cascade with a lot of energy.

I am almost finished binding and tying off the threads on the candlewick quilt, and will show pictures of it next time.  Meanwhile, I have two Christmas parties on Friday.  One is my bee's annual brunch.  I am working on a gift for our Secret Santa exchange.  Can't show you yet!

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