Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two Customer Quilts

I've been busy doing some longarm quilting on two fun quilts for my friends, Jean and Carolyn.  First I did Jean's latest quilt for a niece's high school graduation.  The girl wanted cowboy boots and sunsets.  I think this quilt fits the bill!

Jean had a great time choosing fabrics for the boots. The one in the upper left in the picture below has outhouses!

Here are some more

The sunset is machine-appliqued.  Jean said she liked the Stars and Loops quilting motif, so I did mine freehand even though I own that pantograph.  I hate doing pantos!

The flannel backing complements the top perfectly.

The other quilt is from the Warm Wishes pattern, which is offered as a Project Linus baby pattern.  Several members of my bee have been making quilts from this easy pattern, and they all look different.  This one is in very bright colors and a floral theme.

I have been quilting for Carolyn so long that often she just hands her projects to me at our bee meeting and doesn't even make any suggestions.  The floral had such cute stylized flowers and swirls that I went with that theme for the quilting. 

I used Buttercup yellow thread.

The back of this quilt is an eye-popping pink and gold print. This quilt will be so cheerful on a cold dreary day!

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk down North Main Street in the historic district of Wake Forest, NC.  Little did I know that the "Victorian Ladies" would be so decked out for Halloween!  The big front porches were laden with ghosts, spiders, and skeletons!

Anyone care to stay in the Bates Motel?  At first I thought the sign said Bats Motel.

This one had life-size skeletons hanging from the trees.

A lot of the homes had lots of fake cobwebs.

At first I did not see anything unusual about the sculptures on this garden bench.  Then I realized that the girl and boy had a new scarecrow friend.

Here is the garden at the Wake Forest College museum.  (Wake Forest University moved to Winston-Salem in the 1950's, but originally was here in the town it was named for.)

This is the top of the arched canopy.

It was a gorgeous day to walk down this pretty part of town.

Today I made an expensive mistake.  I backed into our garage door!  Since our house is eighteen years old, I figured that I would not only have to replace that door, but the other one so they would match.  Luckily, I have already had a visit from The Garage Door Doctor.  He will come out to fix the problem tomorrow morning, and the repair cost is less than four hundred dollars.  Not what I would have chosen to spend money on right before Christmas.  Oh well, could have been much worse, and the car did not seem to be damaged.  And he is going to replace all the rusty metal rollers with nylon ones, so the both doors should slide much more smoothly.


Katie said...

Wake Forest has some really gorgeous homes.

Love those cowboy boots!

Unknown said...

love the cowboy quilt, and that was a beautiful day for a walk