Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Watercolor Painting

Today was the first sunny day- too nice to stay in and sew in my little room on the third floor.  I picked up a couple of books that I had requested at the library, and took Kasey to the greenway.  No deer this time!

Here is the latest watercolor painting I have completed from a one of Karlyn Holman's Lessons in a Bag.  The drawing and a reference photo and a few step-outs are provided, along with a photo of Karlyn's painting.

This one is 11" x 11."  I did not add any collaged Oriental papers, nor did I sand watercolor pencils over a stencil to create a background.  The checkerboard areas were drawn in with watercolor pencil and painted.  Some stripes painted in at the end add interest to the background.

I think I am getting better at letting the watercolors blend and not fuss with them so much!  I think that is especially true on the pitcher in this painting.

I had to smile when I looked at my two library books.  Animals Make Us Human, by Temple Grandin, has a beautiful golden retriever on the cover.  I have been listening to this book on tape while I worked on my journals, but my name just came up on the print copy list.  I love reading about books in the newspaper or hearing about them from friends, and then requesting them from the library on the Internet. 

The other new book is Watercolor for the Serious Beginner, by Mary Whyte.  This book has beautiful sample paintings, and lots of instruction in everything I need to know to start composing my own watercolor paintings.  But what made me smile was right there on the first page of Chapter One.

The painting (which Blogger keeps rotating sideways for some reason) is called "Studio Clutter." 

Now, what did that remind me of?

I got a lovely surprise in the mail today.  I got a note-sized decorated envelope, and opened it to find this beautifully embossed patchwork notecard.  Not recognizing the name and address on the return label, I opened the note to find that it was from someone who had purchased one of my quilts at the Heritage Day Auction last October! 

Carol Thrasher purchased my Star of the Garden quilt, and was kind enough to send some compliments about the quilting.  I have given several of my quilts to charity auctions, and have never heard anything back from the purchaser before.  I was just thrilled to get this nice note!  Here is the quilt that Carol purchased.  She is a member of Capital Quilters Guild.

I blogged about this quilt back in 2007.  This quilt had been the Challenge Quilt for the Carolina Longarm Association show that fall.  Since this year's challenge quilt also featured a blue and white color scheme, I decided to donate the previous one to benefit the Capital Quilters Guild and an organization called Military Missions in Action.

It has been a good day.

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Unknown said...

TJ loves the Kasey pictures. Our neighbor dog, Maisy kept us company today. Her brother, Arrow was put down last week due to cancer. Maisy is so lonely. I like your vase painting it's lovely.