Friday, January 28, 2011

One More Floral Painting

The last "Lessons in a Bag" from Karlyn Holman had two drawings/paintings in one.  So, today I worked on the second one.  These are almost all warm colors.  This was my first attempt at depicting glass. 

Here is how the two paintings work together.  Maybe I will frame and hang them together. 

Now I am ready to get back to sewing and quilting.  And my next painting is not going to be flowers!  Maybe a woods scene.

Of course, my patient assistant doesn't care what I paint.  She just keeps hoping some food will fall off the table!


Unknown said...

those are really good paintings, you should be so proud.....oh Kasey, how sweet

Cathie said...

you ARE your father's daughter! these are both really pretty.

dls said...

Very pretty paintings..... love the colors and softness of the design.