Saturday, January 15, 2011

First the Mailbox, then the Basketball Goal...

You may recall me mentioning our ice storm this week, and posting a picture of our icy parking pad at the base of the driveway.  There was some melting the past couple of days, and the roads are clear.  All the houses on the opposite side of the street are on the high side, and are all clear of ice.  Our lot slopes downward, and there is still ice at the bottom of the drive.

It does not look like it from the street.  It sure fooled the Fed Ex driver who decided to back down the driveway this morning.

Not only was he stuck in the driveway for about an hour.  He also took out our basketball goal.

We decided that was not a bad thing, because the goal was old and rusty and rarely used since the boys moved out.  The driver was relieved to hear that he did not have to pay to put it back up.  I did not know that Fed Ex sub-contracted their drivers.  This guy would have had to pay for any damage.   For that reason, he did not want to go out of pocket to call a tow truck.  He and Charlie chipped and hacked away at the ice with my garden spade and a pitchfork, of all things, until the truck finally got enough traction to make it back up the driveway.  Kasey and I watched and breathed diesel fumes.

In addition to being unsightly, that basketball goal was a magnet for vehicles backing out of our garage or driveway.  I'm glad it's gone.

Well, not exactly gone.  He didn't offer to haul it away.  It will probably sit on the side of the driveway until it's covered with kudzu.

Anyone need an ugly old basketball goal on a slightly dented, rusted metal pole?

Enough with the early Saturday morning accidents, already!


Unknown said...

lol, poor fed ex guy, he'll never forget that when he comes back for another delivery....we don't get any deliveries on saturdays, we're too far out

SheilaC said...

I didn't know the drivers were responsible to pay for tows, etc.

We have tons of snow here and when I was parked on the street at a friends house someone took out my driver's side mirror! grrrr


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Wow, it looks like a lovely skating rink.

Katie said...

That's a vicious looking patch of ice!