Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finished Charity Quilt- and One More Painting

Tonight the Capital Quilters' Guild meets in Raleigh.  Our speaker will be noted quilt instructor and author Marti Michell.  I decided to finish at least one of the charity quilts that I took home to quilt.

This one is pretty wild!  but it will surely brighten someone's life with its cheery colors.  It's not flannel, although those red plaids look like that commercial where Fons and Porter have cut a hole in George's shirt to make patchwork!

This one had some piecing issues, so I did a loopy meander and caught lots of the seams that looked like they might pull apart.

To calm this one down a bit, I used a soft blue and white check homespun for the backing.

After I hand it off at the guild, someone else will take it home and finish the binding.

Here is the latest watercolor painting that I finished today.  It is Field Poppies and Lupines from a kit by Karlyn Holman.  This one had very few directions with it, but on her DVD she shows how she paints poppies.  I like this one a lot.

It is supposed to get cold again this weekend, but we are going to head to the cabin unless it snows hard enough to make travel unwise.  We have not been since Thanksgiving.  It will be good to check on the water pipes.  And we will be seeing how well Kasey travels in the car for three hours.  I know she will love the mountains!


Vicki W said...

That quilt really speaks to me, it's adorable! It reminds me of the quilts my Great-Grandma made. Love the new painting too!

Katie said...

I do like that painting! It makes me smile. :-)

Unknown said...

someone will love that wild quilt, it's colorful

Dolores Quilts said...

I really like the transparency of the colors in this painting. Beautiful job!