Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yesterday's Quilting

My Gammill has been getting a good workout lately. Right now I have a good supply of customer quilts, and at least ten more charity quilts waiting for me. Yesterday I started with a soft, sweet baby quilt top by Teresa.

It was so cuddly I felt like taking a nap right then and there!
The fabrics featured butterflies, duckies, and hearts, so I just free-motioned some of those motifs. Teresa chose a pale yellow thread which blends in with the fabrics. But when you quilt on flannel, you always get a lovely sculptural quality.

The back is a yellow flannel print which looks nice all quilted.

Then I did some fast quilting on a top donated anonymously to the Capital Quilters' Guild Quilts on Wheels charity for rest home residents. This top appears to be made from a quilter's stash of old calico fabrics. A great way to use up the out-dated fabrics for a good cause...and they still make lovely comfy quilts, don't they!

I have so many of these to do that I am trying to do FAST quilting. I just did spirals and echoed them and swooped around at high speed.

This one did not come with a backing, so I used the last of the bolt of plaid flannel that I brought home from the Flower Cottage last summer. Another soft, cuddly quilt.

I have heard from all three of my give-away winners, so I will be mailing out their fabric bundles shortly. This little drawing brought me so many lovely comments and even a new member of my local quilt bee! I sent a notice to the guild about the drawing, and received an e-mail from another Wake Forest quilter who is looking for a bee. So, I have some new blog friends and will soon have a new in-person friend! Good stuff!


Unknown said...

how have I missed all this? i missed your giveaway...darn it. hows your bee going?

Jocelyn said...

Very lovely quilting.