Sunday, March 14, 2010

Log Cabin Star quilt

It has been a fun weekend of March Madness. Here in the Raleigh, NC area, basketball is hot, hot, hot, and the local team is North Carolina State University, my alma mater. However, area fans are also divided among the UNC and Duke fans, and several other schools from the area. It has been a dismal season to be a State fan, but they gave us a good run in the tournament, making it to the semi-final game and losing by only 3 points to Georgia Tech. Who then lost by a small margin to Duke. One of the few joyous moments of this season was when State somehow beat Duke earlier in the year. Maybe we will be invited to the NIT.

Anyway, between games I finished a customer quilt that I really love. It is Teresa's Log Cabin Star.
I picked up some of the motifs from the fabrics for free-motion quilting.

The thread appears white in some of the photos, but is actually the very versatile "Mother Goose" Signature cotton- a sort of earthy brown color.

The lovely fabric in the stripes of the log cabin almost create a glow in this quilt.
In the center star, I chalked one of my new feather stencils that I purchased at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival from The Stencil Company. Then I free-handed a foliage stem into each star point.

The backing fabric was a dark green floral print, and the quilting designs really show up well.

After this quilt, I spent several hours vacuuming my quilting room. As you can imagine when you work constantly with quilt batting, cotton fabrics, and cotton quilting thread, there is a lot of lint that collects everywhere...including on my ceiling fan. Or is that just normal dust? I found at least five run-away bobbins and untold pins. I even vacuumed my canvas leaders to get all the lint and stray threads off. Not my favorite way to spend an afternoon, but I am glad to start in a clean(er) studio next time.

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Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow!~ Your quilting is beautiful! :-)