Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Thumb?

You can kiss me, I really am mother was a Donovan, about as Irish as you can get! Since today is St. Patrick's Day, today I will feature some green things. (The quilt I am currently working on is a big, beautiful, yellow floral which may take me a while to finish and photograph.)
First of all, here are some shamrock plants...probably more than twenty-five years old. My father had a pot of these that he thought had died, and he consigned them to the compost heap. At the end of the winter, he was astounded to find them flourishing in the rich humus of the compost! These break apart easily to plant in new pots. And when they look like they have expired, throw a little water on them, and they spring back nicely. I have mine in some green McCoy pots...along with some spider plants started from a little baby spider plant we got as a wedding favor, oh, twelve years ago?

I have shown you my scheffera before. Betty Lou is now twenty-six years old. She got moved into the front dining room at Christmas to make room for all our dinner guests at the family get-together. I think she likes keeping company with Monet.

We always have good luck with Norfolk Island pines in our sunny kitchen nook. This one was in one of those 8-inch pots when we got it just a few years ago. It has grown five feet since then.

But who wants to see the inside when it is starting to look like spring outside? Daffodils are in bloom

And here are some flowers blooming on my Lesson 2 quilt from my recent Pamela Allen online class, About Style. I have been stitching all the raw-edge appliques with embroidery floss. Taking a long time, but it is coming together nicely.


Unknown said...

happy st patrick's day to you and I love all your greens

Unknown said...

You have green thumb for sure......I love the shamrocks and that they were your fathers!