Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tarheel Quilters Guild Show in Fayetteville, NC

I got back yesterday afternoon from my visit to Fayetteville, NC and my family in South Carolina.

First stop was the Loving Stitches Quilt Shop in Fayetteville. I love that store! I spent some time with their Gammill service man, Ken. What a friendly, helpful guy! I stocked up on some extra parts like check-springs and needle screws. He offered some advice on adjusting my thread guide on the intermittent tensioner to keep the thread from slipping out. I also purchased just "a few" sale fat quarters in sweet floral fabrics, some Marking Magic spray, and a few other fun items like these sparkling fibers and colorful buttons.

Then, it was on to the Kiwanis Rec Center to judge the long-armed quilts for the Carolina Longarm Association ribbon. The quilts were already hung and their ribbons awarded. The long-arm quilts were listed by number, and they had covered the quiltmaker's and quilters' names with post-it notes. Ann, Mary, and I walked through the entire show with our lists, circling the quilt numbers of those we liked best, putting check marks on the quilts that were obvious contenders for the longarm quilting award.

Here is our winner: Welcome to Sue and Ed's Garden, made by Pat Scheideler-Kern, quilted by Linda James.

The pattern is by Faye Labanaris and Pamela Humphries. According to the label, Linda used a computerized longarm machine. However, we are not sure if the beautiful pebble quilting and McTavishing in the background were computerized. I had previously seen this quilt at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium last year, where it also won big awards.

Here is another quilt that we really liked, and was a strong contender for the award. It is Hot Summer Winds, quilted by Rosemary Cushman. We loved the movement and flow her quilting added to this bright pieced quilt.

I did a quick run through the show with my camera and took a few shots of quilts that I especially liked. I did not have a program to give credit to the quiltmakers.

The flower in this very small art quilt was made using Neocolor II water-soluble crayons.

I went crazy over this tree made from bright fabrics. Moss was added with what appears to be needle-felted wool roving.

This is a very striking red and white log cabin quilt. The red feathers were colored after quilting.

I had never seen this idea for quilting the log strips, but it was very effective.

Two original design quilts by the same person were both delightful. The first is a view of a town in Europe.
The second is called Egret and Water Lilies.

You know me, a sucker for brightly colored art quilts and sparkly stuff. This little quilt won a ribbon for Best Use of Embellishments.

I loved this beautiful applique quilt of various houses. Looks like the judges loved it, too!

Another quilt with very crisp applique and red accent fabric.

This quilt collected four ribbons from the same show, including the coveted Best of Show. It is made by the same person who made the brightly colored batik tree. Very artistic, yes?

On to South Carolina. My son has the Beatles Rock Ban for the Wii interactive video games. Avery plays the drums while Bryson plays the guitar.

Avery just loves the Beatles! He and Lily call "Here Comes the Sun" their "happy song."
When we were taking Avery to Kindergarten Friday morning, I sang, "Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to school we go..." and he says "I know that song from the Snow White movie!" Then he started singing to himself what he thought were the words, "My home, my home, it's off to home I go..." So cute! He also loves to drink Woo Hoo in the little drink boxes. Other people know it as Yoo Hoo. :)


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness what beautiful quilts!!!! THe tree quilts really got me inspired. I wish that I could see the collaged batick tree up close!! It appears to have yellow lace used in it as well!! THe birch or aspen grove would have wond a prize from me for sure!! I wisht ath we had maore quilt shows around here!!!! So glad that yoou had a nice vist with your kids and grands. Here COmes the SUn is my happy song as well!!!
Happy spring Hugs!

Unknown said...

the quilts are so pretty but what I am really liking is that fabric you got with the cherries on it in the front...What is it, instant love......