Monday, March 29, 2010

Look What Happened When I Was Away

I came home from my brief trip last week to find that my cherry trees had burst into bloom! These are Yoshino cherries along the driveway. Yoshinos are the same trees originally planted in Washington, DC along the National Mall and Memorial Parks.

I also have a weeping cherry close to the house that started blooming the same day.

Too bad the weather has been ugly for the past few days- cold, gray, and windy and rainy. I would love to be outside working in the yard.

All the spring bulbs have come up, like this pink hyacinth. It is right by my front steps, and smells divine.

And I love the grape hyacinths. You can plant a few of these little bulbs, and they will spread out like crazy.

Today will be a good day to stay inside and get some quilting done. I am hoping to finish the yellow floral quilt today and take some photographs to show you. It is the perfect spring quilt to go with my flowers and blossoms!


taylorsoutback said...

Having grown up in the D.C. area and attended college in N.C. - how I miss those beautiful in Northern Wisconsin we are still brown but slowly things are wakening up. Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse of your beautiful area - enjoy those cherry trees!

Unknown said...

Those are some beautiful cherry trees thank you for sharing the lovely photos!
Also, thanks for coming and sharing in the celebration of my blogoversary! Good luck in the giveaway drawing!
~TattingChic ♥

Angie said...

Those are beautiful Cherry trees full of blossoms, and your home is lovely!