Monday, March 15, 2010

CyberBee Pin Cushion Swap

Last Saturday I spent a few hours with members of the CyberBee. We are very loosely organized, meet quarterly, and have been together about thirteen years. After a delicious pot luck lunch, we managed to make a few decisions. One was to organize a pin cushion swap. Very easy...make one, bring it to the June meeting, draw a number and take home a pin cushion. I thought this sounded manageable, so I signed up.

I have a few very serviceable pin cushions, one for my long-arm pins made from blue and green dyed lambswool, a few of those flower pin cushions, but I mostly use those magnetic ones that you can throw your pins toward and they catch them.

If you are interested in making a more artistic or cutesy pin cushion, here are some sites that have been shared with CyberBee.

Not free patterns but you might be inspired to design your own or purchase the pattern(s)

Do any of you have a favorite pin cushion pattern, or perhaps a tutorial on your blog?

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