Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why I Make Quilts, Part 5

Here is baby Shelby on her Yellow Brick Road quilt. I think she likes it! I love pictures of babies on their quilts!

I still have two customer quilts to finish before Christmas. One is another die-cut flower applique quilt, which I nearly finished yesterday. Will take pics soon!


Erika Mulvenna said...

So sweet, a happy baby with her quilt!

Cathie said...

All she needs is a little blue hat and she would blend right in!
Do you keep a quilt journal? All of these "baby on quilt" pictures would be a great addition to that journal.
Enjoy the beautiful day we are going to have here today. Blaise and I went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas concert last night. We've gone the last few years in a row as they come every year. It was wonderful. Picture - Metallica performing Silent Night!