Thursday, December 3, 2009

Autumn Colors "Flower Power" Quilt

My customer Susan of Stampin-Up brought me another die-cut flower applique quilt in lovely fall colors. She sells the Big-Shot die cut machine, which can cut eight layers of fabric at a time. She buys the Moda "Layer Cake" fabric selections of 10-inch squares, and uses three sizes of the scalloped edge flowers.

She chose a variegated King Tut cotton thread called "Old Giza." (They definitely have fun thinking up names for these Egyptian cotton threads!) It shows up very well on the yellow background and orange borders.

I free-hand quilted lots of flowers and leaves and vines. I had leaves swirling around each flower. Then I had to go into each layer of every flower to quilt around them, as they were only glue-basted to the background. If the quilt is washed, those scalloped edges will fray for a shabby chic effect.

Using a variegated thread with both dark and light areas brings up the problem of what to use as a bobbin thread.In a perfect world, you will never see evidence of "pokies" or thread showing, and shouldn't matter if you use different colors. But it is not a perfect world, is it? If you use the variegated on the back, the color changes will never match. I usually select a Super Bob bobbin with Bottom Line thread in a neutral color. This time, when I auditioned a rust-colored thread, it showed up on the yellow top threads. I ended up using a light golden brown thread called Baguette, but it did show up slightly on some of the dark blue thread areas.

The back is a dark sage green with a rust-colored leaf outline print. If I had used the rust thread on the back, it may have looked a little confusing, but the Baguette shows up nicely.

One customer quilt to go before Christmas...and it is MONGO! But very pretty.


Flowers said...

Nice blog. These flower quilt looks wonderful. Love your designs. Keep on posting.

Becky said...

I am starting to look around for a quilter who can quilt me a beautiful blanket from the fabric of my wedding dress. I do not know anything about fabric, sewing, quilting, etc. but I do love art and being creative. I do know that my wedding dress may only contribute to a small percentage of fabric used to make the quilt but my husband and I have been married for seven years and this is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Do you know of anyone you could recommend to me that would be willing to take on such a project?
You said in your blog that you are a retired teacher. I am a new teacher just starting on the road of elementary education. I love being a teacher.